Nominee for the Timbuktu Award
In 2016, I was nominated for the Timbuktu Award. The award is awarded by the Timbuktu Foundation, an independent foundation established in Denmark in 2008 with the aim of promoting journalism, development education and information about issues of development and the global South. 

The Timbuktu Award (100.000 DKK) is awarded to journalists and media professionals for projects which employ a critical and investigative approach to development issues at national or international level. The award is a scholarship meant for production or initiation of an idea that a candidate is passionate and knowledgeable about.
I have produced the annual report for the Danish umbrella organisation NGO FORUM several times. The coordinator has written a recommendation - in Danish:
PhD assessment
PhD assessment Lotte Ladegaard
In 2013 I was assessed for a PhD in communication for social change:
PhD assessment
I really liked your evaluation report and have noted it as a best practice example and inspiration should I end up doing similar work in the future”

  Julia Lehmann
Deputy Director, BØRNEfonden Benin/Togo

The Nairobi Award

In 2012, I received the Nairobi Award. The prize is awarded once a year to "a person, a group or an organisation, who in a praiseworthy way has brought focus on the poor countries' conditions in Danish media, or who has been in charge of an innovative initiative in favour of population groups in poor countries."
About the Nairobi Club

Aiming at putting development issues on the agenda via meetings, seminars, travels, debates and cooperation with other organisations, the Nairobi Club is a forum for professionals and media people working with communication and journalism about development assistance, global development and foreign and developmental issues in Denmark and internationally.

Nomination by Frode Hoejer Pedersen, documentary film maker

”Lotte and I have been working together for the past 15 years, where Lotte’s ability to find the person behind the story has provided us with materials for more than 10 films for Danish Broadcasting Corporation in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The latest film was broadcast on Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s channel 1 on Tuesday 20 July 2012.

What makes Lotte the supreme partner during field work is her ability to be fully present. She allows herself time to be with the people she portrays. With a focus on children, women and human rights her ambition is to tell the very personal story. She allows herself the time to fully investigate the root problems.

When the children in Bangladesh were her primary focus she settled in Dhaka for two years in order to be as close to the children’s everyday life as possible and to be able to follow them closely for several years. Lotte knows how to combine the local with the global. To be used by NGOs, she wrote a book on child rights.

In a time where many people are too busy and have to hurry Lotte’s strength is that she “takes hold.” Wanting to be a front row witness she picks up her input directly from the source. She has opinions about the materials collected for books, articles and TV, and she does not deliver whatever to whomever.

For Lotte, journalism and communication – like her own life – are matters of ethics and human values.”

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