An elaborate resume

  • Facilitation of, some research for and writing of participatory midterm review of HIV/AIDS project with SOS Children's Villages in Rwanda.
  • Text, photos and production management of SOS Children's Villages' Advocacy Pocket book.
  • Development of private sector partnership project proposal on behalf of SOS Children's Villages
  • Private sector partnership reporting on behalf of SOS Children's Villages.
  • Advocacy with children's participation training with SOS Children's Villages Rwanda.
  • Production management Save the Children's A youth participation best practice toolkit. Part one is on programme design and Part two includes tools, methods, tips, exercises and suggested training workshops. I have previously done the research and taken the photos in Bangladesh, written the text, and tested the toolkit in Ethiopia with participants from Malawi, Burkina Faso, Uganda and Ethiopia. 
  • Update descriptions of SOS Children's Villages Denmark's country and project portfolio.
  • Training workshop in Zanzibar on children's participation. SOS Children's Villages.
  • Training workshop in Rwanda on child-friendly communication tools for advocacy. SOS Children's Villages.
  • Preparations for and facilitation of partner assessment and log frame approach workshop, writing of draft project document, log frame matrix, capacity building plan and project feasibility study for SOS Children's Villages' new project on abuse and exploitation of children in Cambodia.






  • Thematic booklets, annual report and a publication catalogue for Save the Children Sweden-Denmark in Bangladesh. All booklets are to be found on this page.
  • Advice to Save the Children Sweden-Denmark's project Child-led Organisation and Advocacy on Child Labour in Bangladesh.
  • Tested a toolkit training on participation and worked out mappings of child-led organisations in Bangladesh for the Danish Child and Youth NGO Network.
  • Research on foreign, including Danish, travelling sex offenders' behaviour in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar, Save the Children Denmark.
  • Covered a cultural meeting between Save the Children Youth and Jordanian youth in Amman and Wadi Rum .

March 2006 to 2007

2007 ended dramatically with the cyclone Sidr stricking the coastal belt of Bangladesh at 240 km per hour on 15 November. Within the first week I gave more than 30 interviews to Danish medias, wrote articles and provided photos from the affected areas. Subsequently, I covered the visit of the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tørnæs for the Danish News Agency Ritzau's Bureau, and finally I helped Save the Children Sweden-Denmark's partner organisation Uddipan set up Safe Spaces for Children.

I was also:

  • Coaching Save the Children Denmark's project Child-led Organisation and Advocacy on Child Labour in Bangladesh, building capacity and carrying out trainings.
  • Working out the documentation reports Safe Nights - for Life - a guide for supporting sexually exploited street boys and All around trafficking - a guide for saving girls from the sex trade.
  • Rapporteur during an NGO Conference on the role of the civil society.
  • Wrote for magazines like Ung Bladet, Magasinet Arbejdsmiljø, Community and Udvikling.

From March 2005 to March 2006

In March 2005 I decided to relocate to Denmark.

  • I became member of a team developing a web based educational material on child labour targeting Danish schools.
  • Edited the book The Super Sisters on the Savage Streets.
From March 2004 to March 2005
Consultant and freelance journalist based in Sri Lanka, but covering all of Asia.

After the 2004 tsunami I spent almost three months clearing rubble, tracing missing Danes in co-operation with the Danish Embassy and Danida, writing articles, giving interviews and doing logistics for Danish journalists and NGO representatives, assisting Danish People's Aid (ASF-Dansk Folkehjælp) in setting up office and social activities for tsunami victims and carrying out a private internet fundraising in aid of my friends Ranjith and Manel, Raja and Malaka.
Letters Photos from the tsunami Donations Personal thank from Ranjith and Manel Accounts

During 2004 I also did:

February 2002 to March 2004

For two years I have been adviser to a child labour project in Bangladesh. The project was to raise awareness on child labour. A group of children were also being provided with access to non-formal education and vocational training by the organisations involved, Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies - BILS and the Danish partner LO-FTF Council (Ulandssekretariatet).

When I arrived to Dhaka, we started from scratch setting up training locations and enrolling children. I have been participating in all phases, but I also had my own responsibilities:

  • Evaluation reports
  • Development of training manuals on child rights and children's participation for children and adults
  • Supervision of training
  • Advocacy and communication materials, including a child rights booklet for children (Bangla)
  • Contents to project's web-site
  • Articles, photos and documentary film for awareness raising and project information in Denmark
  • Fundraising
  • Communication training

In 2003 I also carried out an assessment of the communication needs of Malaysian Trade Union Congress' (MTUC) Occupational Safety and Health project (OSH) and subsequently training in creative communication for staff members of MTUC OSH and the Union of Employees in Construction Industry (UECI). I also assisted MTUC OSH in developing its web-site as well as a communication strategy.

And in May 2002 I also received some training myself as I spent 11 days with the South Indian organisation Concerned for Working Children (CWC) learning about children's participation and protagonism. Half of the participants were children - maybe the best teachers I ever had!

October 1999 to February 2002

Freelance journalist and consultant for development organisations based in Sri Lanka, but covering most of South East Asia. My jobs included:

Download file:

Our dream of a place where peace prevails

1995 to 1999

Journalist with Save the Children Denmark, where I worked closely with the programme department developing information materials:

  • The books Børn til salg (only available in Danish) on child labour, child prostitution and trafficking in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India as well as Kampen for en barndom (In Danish and English) on former child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda. Both books were thoroughly illustrated by photographer Hans Otto.

Download file - pdf:

Børn til salg
  • Poster exhibitions on the same issues.
  • Documentary films on child prostitution and trafficking in co-operation with Danish Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Editor of monthly member's magazine and annual reports.
  • Campaigns on child labour as well as child sex tourism.
  • The booklet At forstå krigens børn (Danish only), a sort of guide for non-professionals dealing with children who has experienced war.
  • Research trips to Guatemala, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Bosnia, India and Bangladesh. Subsequently, I have written a great number of articles for different newspapers and magazines.
  • I was also responsible for creating networks with the media and communication departments in other organisations.

1993 to 1995

These years I spent with the National Danish News Agency, Ritzaus Bureau. I worked in different desks, amongst others the foreign news desk.


1989 to 1993

Danish School of Journalism (Danmarks Journalisthøjskole, DJH). I focused mainly on writing, but I also spent a semester doing TV, and I did study trips to Israel, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For one and a half years I was an internee with the Danish National News Agency, Ritzaus Bureau.

Until 1989

The interest in South Asia I caught already in 1987-88 where I went backpacking for the first time. This was when I met girls of nine years carrying piles of heavy brick on their heads in India, and where I made friends with a 13-year old Thai sex worker bought for a "romantic holiday" by some violent Brit.


Cleaning old cars in a garage, cooking in a holiday centre, au-pair in Paris, France, as well as selling pizzas and burgers all taught me how a lot of people live all over the world.

Books, games...
...and training manuals

Find samples of my books, reports, training manuals and other publications here:

KVINFO annual report KVINFO Int. leaflet KVINFO Int. booklet SOS alternative care Education in Somaliland Right to play best practice Right to identity evaluation Participatory baseline SOS årsberetning 2016 Participatory midterm rev 3 Børns beredskab evaluering Capacity building case Youth empowerment toolkit 1 Youth empowerment toolkit 2 Advocacy strategy kit Børns bereds. best practice Børns beredskab folder Participatory midterm rev 2 Advocacy pocket book Participatory midterm review A sanctuary for children NGO FORUM årsrapport 13 Investment in children Theory of Change poster 1 Theory of Change poster 2 Theory of Change poster 3 Theory of Change poster 4 Code of Action: 7-11 yrs Code of Action:12-17 yrs Code of Action: Anti-AIDS Code of Action: Teachers SOS-NYT 2, 2013 SOS årsberetning 2012 NGO FORUM årsrapport 12 A sense of business When women are silenced Our lives... Booklet Our lives... Folder Children in politics NGO FORUM årsrapport 10 It's all about children Women grow powerful Kvinder står sammen Board game Game - rules Game - pieces Game - questions Women break the silence Kvinder bryder tavsheden DFPA English DFPA Danish SOS Årsberetning 2009 Hope Handbook Understanding children Building Youth Agency Sex offenders w/o borders An open door to education SCSD Annual Report 07-08 SCSD Publication Cat. A way beyond child labour A shelter from abuse Speaking w the same voice Safe Nights - for Life All around trafficking Super Sisters
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